Bitterness and Old Age is Not a Good Combination

by Carol Wickett


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My mom is soon to be 85 years old. She worked until she was 78. That's pretty amazing to me, since a lot of people are past working way before then and many don't live to the age of 78. I think quitting work was the hardest thing she ever had to do and she is still unhappy about it. 

Since having heart valve surgery 5 years ago, we have watched her health slowly deteriorate. She doesn't get around well anymore which is also an aggravation to her. In fact, everything is an aggravation now! 

She has lost interest in everything she used to love like gardening, sewing, crocheting, and ceramics, mostly because she is unable to it. Consequently, she does not do much during the day but sit around. Now the past weighs heavily on her mind. Things that never seemed to bother her before are now what she dwells on. And most of that is childhood things.

She has always been a negative person, focusing on the glass being half empty. Now she has become very bitter. And when you are bitter, you are not happy about anything. She constantly complains, is headstrong and stubborn, and her doctor says that is why she is almost 85. There may be something to that, who knows! The Bible says if you live to 80 you have special mightiness. I always said she would live to be 100!

So why am I telling you this?

Because eventually if we live long enough we will grow old and in the meantime we may have to be the caregiver to an elderly parent. Our outlook on life has a lot to do with our level of happiness later in life. Mom's outlook was always negative, but the bitterness didn't really set in until she couldn't work and drive.

If you have an aging parent, it is hard to watch them lose any joy they had. At mom's age, trying to help her be more positive would be almost impossible. So first of all, I just love her for who and where she is in life. I don't try to correct her, change her mind, or cheer her up when she doesn't want that. I just listen! That's really what they want.

Since she doesn't live with me, I am not there daily. But when I am with her, I find putting the natural essential oils on her helps her mood and attitude. I put a drop of Joy oil over her heart and have her smell it. Joy contains Rose oil, which is the highest frequency oil. It helps to overcome grief and loss. 

Since she is a very nervous person, I put Peace and Calming on her feet and also put a drop in a tissue and have her smell that through the day as well. This combination of oils is powerful to calm and relax the body.

There are several other Young Living Essential Oils blends that are also beneficial to use such as Forgiveness, Inner Child, Hope and Gratitude, to name a few. 

I usually only use a couple oils at a time on her so as not to overwhelm her. These organic essential oils are powerful in helping the body to overcome deep-seated emotions. And sometimes less is more.

As I mentioned before, if we live long enough we all will have our trials to face. Compassion and empathy for those facing them now not only helps them but strengthens our character as well.

Using Young Living Essential Oils on our aging parents can help them feel better mentally and emotionally. Every time I talk to mom I remind her to get the oils out and use them. Plus, using them on ourselves daily will not only help us now, but we'll be better able to handle what's to come. Life is uncertain, but we don't have to be uncertain about how we look at it.

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carol wickett Bitterness and Old Age is Not a Good Combination

Carol is an essential oil educator and a certified reflexologist. As a distributor of Young Living Essential Oils, she teaches the importance of using genuine, authentic essential oils for health and healing. She has been an advocate of natural health and wellness for the past 35 years. Among the things she has studied includes, the use essential oils, iridology, muscle testing, nutrition, tapping and other forms of energy medicine. 

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