Fever Is No Match For Young Living Essential Oils

by Carol Wickett

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My grandson Noah

Fever Is No Match For Young Living Essential Oils

Everyone I’m sure has had a fever at some time or another, maybe even a really high one. The reasons that cause a fever are many, but it’s the body’s immune system fighting back. And that’s a good thing! We want a healthy immune system.

This fact was evident to me again yesterday when my 7 year old grandson, Noah had not been feeling well for a couple days. However, it was not to the point that he could not play. He was just not as active as usual. But then last night he started with a headache and fever. He kept complaining and the fever was getting higher. It was happening very quickly it seemed. So now with a fever of 103.8 and chills, plus a headache that was in the top of his head, I was concerned about possible spinal meningitis. Although his neck was not stiff or painful and he had no trouble moving it.

We immediately started with the essential oils, first applying peppermint oil ( 2 drops on the soles of each foot neat), and alternating oils every 20 minutes. Next we applied lavender oil and then the Thieves Blend, same way. I also had my daughter call the doctor to find out what she had to say and her concern was the same as mine and said to take him to Children’s Hospital.

When we arrived there Noah was burning up. We had no way to check his temperature right then, but he felt hotter than before. So I had my oils with me, as I always do, and applied 2 drops of lemon oil on the soles of both feet, plus applied frankincense oil to the back of his neck and had him inhale it. We didn’t sit in the emergency waiting room long, maybe 10 minutes before he was called back. It was another few minutes until someone came in to check his temperature, etc. And low and behold, his temperature had dropped to 99.2!

My thinking about this is that the essential oils ramped up the immunity even more, thus the spike in fever. Now I don’t know this for sure, but it makes sense to me, because all of a sudden the temperature drops significantly. The body is getting the situation under control.

The doctor finally comes in and examines Noah and concludes that he does not have spinal meningitis for the same reasons that I thought as well. However, it is good to make sure with your doctor.

She thinks it was a virus of some sort and suggested rest and plenty of fluids for the next day. He now felt very cool to the touch and said his headache was gone.

Today he has been fine, playing as usual. It is hard for him to rest. Gotta keep moving you know! And the temperature is normal, no feverall this without any fever reducer like Tylenol or Advil.

Essential oils never cease to amaze me in their ability to assist the body in healing. I have seen it over and over again in the 7 years I have been in Young Living.

In closing, I have two words of caution. First, always consult with your health care professional for serious health concerns, especially when it comes to children. Even if we need to take the children to the doctor or emergency room, we start applying and using oils immediately. Many times the problem either clears itself up or is greatly diminished.

And secondly, be sure to use genuine, authentic essential oils. Almost ALL oils on the market today are perfume grade and does not assist the body in healing and can actually be harmful. The FDA has deemed essential oils in the U.S. a perfume industry and the laws governing them are very lax. Do your research!

I hope this experience will help you and your family and if I can be of any help, let me know. 

Good health to you,

Carol Wickett


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carol wickett Fever Is No Match For Young Living Essential Oils

Carol is an essential oil educator and a certified reflexologist. As a distributor of Young Living Essential Oils, she teaches the importance of using genuine, authentic essential oils for health and healing. She has been an advocate of natural health and wellness for the past 35 years. Among the things she has studied includes, the use essential oils, iridology, muscle testing, nutrition, tapping and other forms of energy medicine.

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