Stop Hardening Of The Arteries With Blueberries

by Carol Wickett

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The disease marked by plague in the arteries is called Atherosclerosis or Hardening of the Arteries. This plague is made up of cholesterol, fat, calcium and other substances found in blood and over time becomes like concrete. This in turn narrows arteries and limits theoxygen rich blood flow in the body and resulting in potential fatal heart attacks and strokes.

There has been talk for a long time about the positive effects blueberries can have on your health. However, scientists now have direct evidence that blueberries can help prevent these harmful plaque substances from increasing in size and narrowing arteries. And the best part is blueberries have NO side effects! Other studies have suggested eating blueberries may prevent cardiovascular disease, but this is the first direct evidence something in blueberries causes plaque in arteries to regress. Blueberries are also rich in proanthocyanidins. Tuft University studies have shown that it protects blood cells against free radical oxidation, and slows brain aging. Studies at Mainz University show that it protects cell DNA. Not only are blueberries delicious…

Here are some other fantastic health benefits!

1. Promotes immunity by raising hemoglobin and oxygen concentration in blood. Helps prevent infections. You will be less vulnerable to colds, fever, and all nasty viral and communicable diseases.

2. Neutralizes free radicals which affect disease and how fast your body ages.

3. Compounds in blueberries have been proven to preserve vision.

4. Helps promote urinary tract health, inhibiting the growth of bacteria that causes infections and inflammation.

5. Improves brain health. Researchers found that diets rich in blueberries significantly improved the motor skills and learning capacity of older animals, making them mentally equivalent to younger ones.

6. Combats heart disease. High in fiber and antioxidants which has the ability to improve heart health. It also strengthens the cardiac muscles.

7. Keeps away constipation and improves digestion.

8. Cancer support. Antioxidants and nutrients in blueberries fight the symptoms of depression.

9. Nutrients in blueberries fight the symptoms of depression.

Because I believe as Hippocrates said, "Food is the best medicine", I choose to incorporate whole nutrition such as Young Living's NingXia Red Juice in my diet. NingXia Red contains NingXia wolfberries and the super fruits of BLUEBERRIES, pomegranate, red raspberry, dark grapes, apricots and genuine authentic lemon and orange oils. Yes, it contains Blueberries! You have already read some of the benefits of blueberries. But now, couple that with all the other super juices and essential oils I mentioned and you have a Nutrition Powerhouse!

My husband and I drink NingXia Red daily. We have more energy and are rarely sick. In fact, my husband's cholesterol level 5 years ago was 230 and went down to 170 in about 5 months drinking NingXia Red. I say that because that was the ONLY change he had made at the time.

I personally believe as well that the body has the ability to heal itself of ANY problem if given what it needs and you can absorb it. That's why I am passionate about concentrated nutrition like Ningxia Red. It's easily absorbed and contains more nutrients in ONE ounce than you can ever consume in food probably in a week.

Here is what NingXia Red did for Ruth Watkis… "I suffered with fibroid tumors, dry itching skin, hair loss, and pain. I started drinking NingXia Red and I immediately felt a big change. My skin stopped itching, my hair stopped falling out, and my pain and female problems went away. Everyone at church was asking me what I did to get better. One woman wrote me a check for a bottle of NingXia Red , and I asked her if she wanted to read the booklet first. She said, "I don't need to read anything. I see what I want in you."

To Your Good Health,


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