Thieves For Cold and Flu Season

by Carol Wickett

301 Thieves For Cold and Flu Season

I will never be without Thieves Essential Oil Blend, especially during cold and flu season. In fact, I believe Thieves is a “must have” for every home. Some of you may know that Dr. Young took the formula for Thieves from the English Archives. The oils in this Young Living blend are the oils that the Thieves used to rub on their bodies in the 16th Century to protect themselves while they robbed the bodies of Plague victims.

This formula has a high concentration of Cinnamon.

Modern research has shown that Cinnamon and several other Young Living Essential Oils are often effective, and in some cases have been shown to be MORE effective than Ampicillin.

Many essential oils produce NONE of the dangerous side effects so often associated with the use of antibiotics.

The overuse of antibiotics during the past several decades has created more and more virulent strains of bacteria and virus as they mutate to become resistant to man-made drugs.

We are now seeing strains of tuberculosis (air-born) that DO NOT respond to any antibiotic or combination of antibiotics. New strains of bacteria produce enzymes that render antibiotics impotent. And a new bacteria has recently been discovered that actually feeds on antibiotics!

In contrast, essential oils posses some phenomenal properties which radically distinguish them from antibiotics.

First, bacteria DO NOT become resistant to essential oils. They can be used effectively again and again without the concern of creating a resistant strain.

Essential oils isolate and attack only the pathogenic bacteria and leave the beneficial bacteria intact. If you have ever taken a round (or several) of antibiotics you probably experienced the effects of having all your bacteria wiped out. Our immune system is comprised and often we are left with the symptoms of yeast overgrowth (Candida).

Essential oils oxygenate our cells, build our immune system and combat bacteria, virus and fungus at the same time.

Essential oils such as Young Living’s Cinnamon, Oregano, and blends such as Thieves may one day be all that we have to fight mutated microbes, the new diseases and new forms of old diseases!

Make sure you have Thieves For Cold and Flu Season. You will be glad you do!

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